Teng 7Pc 3/8&1/2in Dr. Specialist Skt Set-Tc-Tray

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Special Socket Set Teng Tools TTSS07 TC-Tray™ Modular System - GET ORGANISED WITH TENG! Tray Size: 265 x 142 x 50mm Tray Weight: 3.5kg • Set of 7 special sockets for different automotive applications (oxygen sensors fuel injectors vacuum plug oil pressure gauge and oxygen sensor tools). • Supplied in plastic case with removable lock. • Fits in Teng Tools tool boxes and tool trolleys. Set Contents: AT350 - 1/2in Drive Oxygen Sensor Socket - 29mm x 90mm AT355 - 3/8in Drive Oxygen Sensor Socket - 22mm x 90mm AT360 - 1/2in Drive Injector Socket - 27mm x 85mm AT365 - 3/8in Drive Vacuum Switch/Connector Socket - 7/8in x 80mm AT370 - 3/8in Drive Oil Sender/Pressure Unit Socket - 1-1/16in x 74mm AT375 - 1/2in Drive Oxygen Sensor Socket - 7/8in x 50mm AT380 - 3/8in Drive Off-set Oxygen Sensor Socket - 7/8in x 30mm

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