Groz Sf Indestructible Handle Club Hammer 2.5Lb/1.

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GZ34550 | Groz Soft Face Indestructible Handle Club Hammer 2.5lb/1.1kg Handle Length - 12in / 300mm (30-35 HRC Head) Indestructible handle is made with 4 spring steel bars that run all the way through the handle. Bars are locked with the Hammer head using Steel locking plates ensuring that the head never gets dislodged Ergonomic rubber grip handle absorbs shock & vibration reducing fatigue Special Bonding process ensures that head never gets loose from the handle Hammer Head is forged from special steel & is Induction case hardened to 30 HRC for extended life Soft Face 30 HRC Head Forged from special steel the hammer head is induction case hardened & then tempered to reduce hardness to within 30-35 HRC. Softer head is designed to mushroom when striking harder base materials. Prevents damage to struck work pieces

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