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Insize 0-25mm x 0.01 External MicrometerInsize 0-25mm x 0.01 External Micrometer
Insize Dial Test Indicator 0.8mm TravelInsize Dial Test Indicator 0.8mm Travel
Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper 6"/150mm x .0005" / 0.01mm
Feeler Gauge 16 Blade  301160 0.05mm-0.38mm / 0.002"-0.015"
3/8" Sd Micrometer Torque Wrench
Insize 0-150mm External Micrometer SetInsize 0-150mm External Micrometer Set
Mitutoyo Dial Indicator Series 2 10mm x 0.01mm
Mitutoyo Dial Indicator Series 2 20mm x 0.01mm
Starrett 6/150 Vernier Caliper
Tactix - Gauge Feeler 26 Blade
Tactix - Gauge Feeler 15 Blade
AmPro Feeler Gauge 32 Blade 0.015 - 0.035"
Insize 0-25mm Digital External MicrometerInsize 0-25mm Digital External Micrometer
Insize 25-50mm x 0.01 External MicrometerInsize 25-50mm x 0.01 External Micrometer
Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper 8"/200mm x .0005" / 0.01mm
150mm Kincrome Vernier Caliper
Starrett Outside Micrometer 0-25mm Range
T&E Tools Caliper Vernier 150mm Stainless Steel Digital
Mitutoyo Dial Indicator Series 2 1mm x 0.001mm
Mitutoyo Small Hole Gauge 3-13mm
Mitutoyo Outside Micrometer 25-50mm x 0.01mm
Mitutoyo Magnetic Stand Rigid Arms Fine Adjustment
Insize Micrometer Tubular Inside 50-300mm 0.01mm
Insize Feeler Gauge (.05 - 1.00mm x .05mm) 100mm x 20 Leaves
Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper 12"/300mm x 1/128" / 0.05mm
Mitutoyo Dial Vernier Caliper 200mm x 0.01mm
AmPro Feeler Gauge 20 Blade 0.002 - 0.040"
Insize 0-100mm External Micrometer SetInsize 0-100mm External Micrometer Set
Insize 2 Piece Dial Test Indicator Set
Mitutoyo SR44 Battery
Mitutoyo Mitutoyo SR44 Battery
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Mitutoyo Caliper Digital 150mm/6" No Data OutputMitutoyo Caliper Digital 150mm/6" No Data Output
103-140-10 Mitutoyo External Micrometer 75-100 x 0.01mm
Insize Micrometer StandInsize Micrometer Stand
Insize Insize Micrometer Stand
Sale price$32.04
Insize 2mm Ball Stylus For Dial Test IndicatorsInsize 2mm Ball Stylus For Dial Test Indicators
GearWrench Auto Specialty - Deluxe Feeler Gauge
Insize Feeler Gauge (.03 - 1.00mm) 100mm x 32 Leaves
Insize 200mm/8" Vernier CaliperInsize 200mm/8" Vernier Caliper
200mm Kincrome Vernier Caliper Metric/Imperial
150mm Kincrome Vernier Caliper Metric/Imperial
Starrett Outside Micrometer 25-50mm Range
T&E Tools 90 Degree Offset Cummins Feeler Gauge
Teng Dial Indicator With Stand
050084-10 Mitutoyo 100mm Caliper Base
Mitutoyo Dial Indicator 2046S 0.01mm x 10mm
Mitutoyo Telescopic Gauge 54-90mm (D) 155-131
T&E Tools 26 Blade Feeler Gauge
T&E 12" Feeler Gauge
T&E Tools T&E 12" Feeler Gauge
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