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13 Jun

MyTools' highlight for June 2019

Posted by Kara Chan in fieldays, mytools, power tools, quality, sale

Yes, for months we have been long preparing for this event.

Selecting the top brands and best tools with the best deals, and bringing them to you.

Down at Mystery Creek, we have set up our location at the corner of H45 & K2, that's twice the size of the area we had last year! So be prepared to see a wide range of exciting products!

It has only been two days and, already, things are busy at MyTools Fieldays.

If you are curious to know what it's like over there. Here is a glimpse of the first day, the weather has turned up great. Let's hope it stays that way for the rest of the week.

Of course a photo of our first sale! Thank you, Lindsey, of Wholesafe.

And look who showed up to give MyTools team a visit, Suzuki driver Amy Keighley! She will be taking her car on Sunday to drive back and prepare for her next rally this 2019! 

Things just get more and more exciting! So come over and don't miss out on all MyTools.

See you there!

23 May

Get Organised with Teng Tools

Posted by My Tools

The Teng Tools’ concept ‘Get Organised’ is based on a simple principle – each tool has it’s place. Each tool set is part of an organised system. And it all fits perfectly in your tool bag, service case, tool box or roller cabinet.

For some, things being organised perfectly might seem boring, however, Teng Tools’ believe this is one of human natures deepest needs – and key to success. So, they have created a fantastic range of tool kits that not only assist with getting the job done, but also improve your workflow by providing a more organised and efficient toolkit structure.

The Mega Master – 1,001 piece tool kit reigns supreme. If you are looking for a complete tool kit where every tool has it’s own place, then look no further!

Key features:

  • A massive 1001 piece tool kit, one of the most complete toolkits supplied in the Teng Tools range.
  • Built up using the unique Teng Tools Teng TC-Tray™ modular system and covering just about every tool most people ever need including imperial and 3/4” drive.
  • Set has a total of 61 TC-Trays.
  • Supplied in a TC806NF / TC803N / TCW810N 8-series ball bearing slide top box/middle box/roller cabinets with combination locks (no keys).
  • Tool set includes a massive 315 sockets & accessories, 1/4in, 3/8in, 1/2in & 3/4in drive.

Teng Tools delivers functional solutions, with a focus on innovative design, to meet your high standards.

Check out our Teng Tools range to find a toolkit that suits your needs.







20 May

Simple Green, leaders in high-quality, environmentally safer cleaning products

Posted by My Tools

Simple Green continue to produce environmentally cleaning products that are non toxic and biodegradable.

Simple Green MyTools

You may already know Simple Green as an iconic all-purpose household cleaner, but Simple Green brand products have been in the industrial marketplace around the world for well over 30 years. When it comes to safe, effective cleaning and degreasing, Simple Green is a product you can depend on.

Their current product line includes more than 20 different cutting-edge cleaning products for home and professional use. Simple Green are committed to doing their part to protect the planet — and will continue to develop new and innovative products that are responsible choices for the many generations to come.

Check out the extensive product range.


26 Jun


Posted by Dave Stewart in mytools


Available at MyTools


  • For work and leisure - warm, comfortable and weather-resistant HJA 14.4-18
  • Extremely hard-wearing thanks to wind- and weather-resistant, tear-proof material
  • Comfortable fleece lining with numerous pockets and concealed hood in the collar
  • Five heating zones can be heated simultaneously or selectively in three heat stages
  • While heating the jacket with the power adapter you can also charge USB devices

Comfortable warmth with one battery pack charge:
18 V/5.2 Ah: 
all zones/stage 1 (low): 18 hours
all zones/stage 3 (high): 6 hours

18 V/2.0 Ah: 
all zones/stage 1 (low): 7 hours
all zones/stage 3 (high): 2 hours


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Scope of delivery

Battery Power Adapter PA 14.4-18 LED-USB, without battery pack, without charger


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