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Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper 6"/150mm x .0005" / 0.01mm
Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper 8"/200mm x .0005" / 0.01mm
150mm Kincrome Vernier Caliper
Mitutoyo Caliper Digital 150mm/6" No Data OutputMitutoyo Caliper Digital 150mm/6" No Data Output
Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper 12"/300mm x 1/128" / 0.05mm
Mitutoyo Dial Vernier Caliper 200mm x 0.01mm
Insize 150mm/6" Vernier CaliperInsize 150mm/6" Vernier Caliper
200mm Kincrome Vernier Caliper Metric/Imperial
150mm Kincrome Vernier Caliper Metric/Imperial
Starrett 6/150 Vernier Caliper
Starrett 6/150 Vernier Caliper
Mitutoyo Dial Vernier Caliper 150mm x 0.01mm
Mitutoyo Caliper Vernier 200/8" x 0.02/. 530-120
T&E Tools Caliper Vernier 150mm Stainless Steel Digital
Mitutoyo Caliper Cable With Data Switch 2M
Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper 8"/200mm x 1/128" / 0.05mm
Insize 200mm/8" Vernier CaliperInsize 200mm/8" Vernier Caliper
Limit 150mm / 6in S/S Vernier Caliper 0.05mm / 1/128in
Mitutoyo Digital Caliper 0-150mm/6" Round Rod
Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper 0 - 150mm x 0.01mm With Data
Limit Depth Vernier Caliper 200 x 100mm
Digital Caliper 6" Metric & Imperial
Digital Caliper 8" Metric & Imperial
Vernier 6" Metric & Imperial, Imperial Increments In 1/16ths
Dial Caliper 6" Metric
Wayco Dial Caliper 6" Metric
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Vernier 8" Metric & Imperial, Imperial Increments In 1/16ths
Vernier Caliper Digital 150mm/6"
Vernier Caliper Digital 200mm/8"
T&E Tools 200 mm Digital Vernier Caliper Stainless Steel
Metrology Gear Tooth Vernier Caliper M1-26 Module x 0.02mm
Mitutoyo Caliper Digital 200mm/8" Coolant Proof IP67
Insize 600mm/24" Vernier CaliperInsize 600mm/24" Vernier Caliper
Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper 5"/130mm x .001"/0.02mm
Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper 8"/200mm x .001" / 0.02mm
Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper 0- 200mm x 0.01mm
Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper 18"/450mm x 0.001"/0.02mm
Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper 12" x .001"