2 x Prestone Long Life Antifreeze Coolant All Makes All Models 3.78L Concentrate

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2 x 3.78L Jugs
Suitable for All Makes & All Models of Vehicle
Will mix with any other colour of A/F coolant
Compatible with any other brand & type of antifreeze / coolant
Provides 40,000 km or 10 years protection*
Cor-Guard improved extended life inhibitor technology giving maximum corrosion protection
Makes up to 12 L at 30% concentration per jug
Temperature Protection:
Ethylene glycol is the main component of AF / coolant- it lowers the freezing point of water but also raises its boiling point .
Prestone = 934ml / 1046g per 1000ml (93.4%) ethylene glycol content.
Temp Protection up to -65C to 135C
Corrosion Protection:
Prestone concentrated Cor-Guard blend of premium long lasting OAT (Organic Acid Technology) inhibitors are designed to provide up to 10 years or 480,000 km of protection*, protecting against rust, corrosion, premature water pump failure.
Cor – Guard Inhibitors:
Prestone Cor-Guard is the biggest development in coolant technology in the last 15 years.
To achieve 5 years or 250,000 km of corrosion protection manufacturers now use an OAT inhibitor pack. This extends the life of the fluid but the disadvantage is that it can take up to 5000km - 8000km before it starts protecting the metals in the cooling system.
Prestone Cor-Guard AF / coolant starts protecting immediately. From the first circulation through the cooling system all metals are protected. No other brand has this patented technology
Colour - Yellow but looks green in radiator
The yellow colour allows Prestone to be mixed with any other colour AF / coolant without changing the original fluid colour
Prestone is an OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer - supplier to a number of leading American, Asian & Australian vehicle manufacturers.
Ford, GM, Toyota, Mazda
Manufactured in the USA :

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