Bosch Drywall Pole Sander GTR 55-225

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Drywall sander (electric) GTR 550

  • Carrying case
  • 1 x vacuum adapter, Universal (1 607 000 F2K)
  • 1 x soft pad set (backing & intermediate), 215 mm (2 608 000 766)
  • 1 x sanding sheet M480, Best for Wood + Paint, 180 (available separately as set of 25: 2 608 900 711)
  • 3 x cable clip (available separately as set of 3: spare part number 1 619 PB6 088)

Effortless drywall sanding. Increased drywaller efficiency.

Designed to make the drywaller more efficient, the GTR 55-225 professional is the dependable partner for interior finishers tackling larger jobs. This drywall sander features a patented 'Ultra-Flexible Head' enabling effortless movement across walls and ceilings, and a reduced risk of surface damage. Its built-in ceiling suction feature minimises fatigue during extended applications, as the perceived weight of the tool is significantly reduced by the suction force generated from a connected vacuum. Also included on the GTR 55-225 is an ergonomic L-shaped auxiliary handle, providing maximum comfort and further reducing fatigue while sanding in awkward positions.

For drywallers, plasterers, painters, and interior finishers carrying out extensive wall and ceiling sanding, or surface preparations.

Patented 'Ultra-Flexible Head' allows effortless gliding across ceilings and walls

Ceiling suction mode reduces the tool's perceived weight, minimising user fatigue

An ergonomic L-shaped auxiliary handle increases comfort and reduces stretch strain during use

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