Cimdraulic 46 Hydraulic Oil 200 Litre Drum

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Cimcool Cimdraulic 46 Hydraulic Oil
CIMDRAULIC is a premium grade hydraulic oil designed for industrial hydraulic systems and fluid power transmission systems. CIMDRAULIC is blended using premium base oils and special additives to meet the requirements of modern, high pressure equipment.

Thermal stability – Resistant to degradation and sludge formation improving system reliability and cleanliness.
Oxidation resistant – Extending fluid life and oil drain intervals, providing overall savings in fluid costs and waste oil disposal.
Outstanding anti-wear properties – Extends the life of pump and system components, reducing downtime and saving costs on replacement parts.
Excellent water separation – resists the formation of emulsions, thus preventing hydraulic system and pump damage.
Multi metal compatibility – Protects ferrous and non ferrous system components from corrosion.
Low foaming – helps to minimize system cavitation to provide constant pressure transmissionFor Material Safety Data Sheet please email request to

For Material Safety Data Sheet please email request to

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