Cimtech 310 Synthetic Coolant 200 Litre Drum

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Cimcool Cimtech 310 Synthetic Metalworking Fluid
CIMTECH® 310 metalworking fluid is recommended for machining and grinding operations, including creep feed grinding, on non-ferrous or ferrous metals.
CIMTECH® 310 metalworking fluid is a unique, low pH synthetic fluid designed for the aerospace industry.
MEETS AEROSPACE REQUIREMENTS - Passes bi-metallic and aluminum (7075) “sandwich” corrosion tests - Approved product for many aerospace manufacturers
EXCELLENT LUBRICITY - Provides excellent tool life and surface finish
EXCELLENT CLEANLINESS - Rejects tramp oil to keep product clean, which extends sump life
OPERATOR FRIENDLY - Provides excellent part visibility - A fresh mix is transparent - No Smoke - Low misting - Mild to the skin
EXCELLENT MACHINE COMPATIBILITY - Very low foaming product, even when used with deionized water
EXCELLENT RANCIDITY CONTROL - Excellent fluid life - Minimizes the need for additives

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