Milcool 1311 Soluble Metal Working Fluid 200 Litre Drum

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MILCOOL® 1311 High Performance Metalworking Fluid Advanced Soluble Emulsion MILLCOOL®1311 is a heavy-duty, soluble metalworking fluid blending the reliability of traditional soluble fluids with industry leading technology to deliver performance which meets the market. MILCOOL®1311 is developed for all operation machining, sawing and grinding of ferrous and most non-ferrous metals including Cast/Ductile iron. 
MILCOOL®1311 is recommended for turning, drilling, milling, reaming, boring, tapping, roll/form tapping, broaching, sawing and most grinding applications. It should not be used on magnesium alloys.
MILCOOL®1311 is ideally suited when one metalworking fluid, all metals, all operations is required throughout the machine shop and is formulated to withstand extremely hard water.
MILCOOL®1311 is recommended for use in a wide range of water qualities, has excellent foam control in soft water, and general high pressure applications. Excellent fluid life. Minimizes the need for additives. Outstanding rust protection for the work-piece and machine tool surfaces

For Material Safety Data Sheet please email request to
For Material Safety Data Sheet please email request to

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