Ucc Petrolatum Primer 1Kg Tub**

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Product Description: Petrolatum Primer 1KG PetroGard Primer is an integral component of the PetroGard System. PetroGard Primer is a petrolatum compound blended with inert fillers corrosion inhibitors and a wide spectrum biocide. Product Characteristics PetroGard Primer is manufactured in accordance with AWWA Standard C217-04. PetroGard Primer is formulated for stability and plasticity over a wide temperature range. PetroGard Primer will profile minor surface imperfections and enable uniform adhesion of Petro Gard Mastic and Petro Gard Tape to the cleaned substrate. Product Uses: Pipeline: Above ground below ground & submerged pipe & fittings Other: Tie Rods starter bars bond breaker slipform release tape roof sheet isolation tape Product Properties: Property / Test Method / Value Flash Point / ASTM D92 / 180degC Specific Gravity / ASTM D70 @ 25degC (Mod) / 1.1 (Average) Drop Melting Point / ASTM D127 (Mod) / 55degC Cone Penetration @ 25degC 100g wt 5sec.; mm / ASTM D937 (Mod) / 15mm (Average) Petrolatum Content 75% Min. by weight Coverage 5m2/kg (Average) Application Temperature: -10 to +50ºC Service Temperature: -10 to +50ºC Service Life: 30 Years + Shelf Life: 30 Years +

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