Shinano Pistol Grip Air Hammer

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A general purpose tool used for stripping, brick cleaning, metal piercing, rivet and bolt cutting, bushing driving, and automotive front end work.
• general purpose unit with a long Stroke for a wide range of applications
• pistol-grip air hammer for 10.2mm (.401”) diameter chisel shanks
• High Impact Speed of 2,600blows/min
• Supplied with a Set of four chisels
Model # SI4120A Specifications
Shank Size: 0.401”(10.2mm) Stroke Length: max 10mm Impact Speed: 2,600/min Weight: 1.60kg
Noise Level: 104dba Vibration: 9.0m/s2
Avg. Air Consumption: 3.0cfm Air Inlet Size: 1/4"
Minimum Hose Size: 10mm
Shinano air tools are guaranteed against defect in Materials or workmanship for a period of 12 months.
Shinano Inc. Has been manufacturing industrial air tools in Japan since 1969.
All tools are designed to operate at 90psi with adequate air volume as indicated in the Specifications. Air supply should be capable of delivering at least 4 times the Average Air Consumption of each tool. Use a compressor of sufficient Capacity to ensure the tool has optimum power and torque. We recommend properly designed compressed air facilities so that air tool performance is not compromised.

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