Air Boy Sodablaster 2 With 1.2L Steel And 1-kg. Soda

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Air boy Soda Blaster 2 incl 1kg Soda

Features & Benefits:
- Soda blaster 2 is an enhancement of JWL's successful sodablasting gun. The nozzle on the sodablaster 2 is ready set for the optimal output and it is possible to change the precision nozzle. A high performance wide nozzle is available as additional fitting
- JWL Sodablaster 2 is equipped with a practical, refillable container. Also suitable for hobby as well as professional use.
- Used specifically intended for blasting
- Fast and gentle method of removing paint and corrosion - even from hard to reach places.
- Sodablasting neither warms up, nor stretches the sheet metal.
- Sodablasting does not damage glass, rubber or plastic and due to this fact, sodablasting protects the bare metal from rusting right away in contrast to sandblasting.
- Sodablasting removes anti-fouling paint from boat without damaging the hull. -
Sodablasting removes varnish and doesn't damage seals (rubber or plastic)
- Sodablasting cleans paint from glass surfaces or window frames without damaging the glass or rubber seals. Soda blasting removes varnish from wooden furniture. Sodablasting id gentle and environmentally friendly.
- Always use P2 respiratory protection, hearing protection and eye- and face mask when blasting with soda. Blasting soda is pure NaHCO3, i.e. normal baking soda. It is not dangerous, but may be harmful if inhaled as dust.

NB! Requires a compressor with a capacity of at least 2.5hp/180 l/min

- Handle & Trigger: Acetal Plastic
- Valve: Acetal Plastic
- Gaskets / O-rings: Nitrile
- Nozzle: Hard. Steel el Galvanized
- Spring: Hardened spring wire

- Container: 1.2 litre
- Working Pressure: 6 - 12 bar (87 - 174 psi)
- Air Flow: Minimum 180 l/min
- Weight: ~ 0,411 kg

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