Air Tool Lubricating Oil 1Litre

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Lubricants, cleans and protects.

Air Tool Oil is for use with all piston and rotary-type air tools.
Air tool oil lubricates the mechanical assemblies within an air tool and helps protect the air tool by removing gummy deposits
Whether the tool rotates, hammers or spins, its internal components grind against one another.
Regular application of oil reduces the wear caused by regular tool use and substantially improves the performance and lifespan of a pneumatic tool.
Air tools that are not lubricated suffer from decreased power and regular malfunctions.
Dramatically improves lubrication, which also provides smoother tool operation.

Repels air line moisture & water spray
Provides improved air tool performance
Lubricates, cleans & protects
Removes gummy deposits
Stops & inhibits rust
Reduces replacement & maintenance costs
Extends air tool life

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