Milpro LA816L Neat Cutting Oil 20 Litre

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MILPRO® LA816L is a low viscosity straight oil containing active sulfur in a highly refined base oil. It is specially designed for heavy duty operations such as gun drilling where chip removal is critical. Other applications include deep hole boring, gear hobbing, broaching, shaving, reaming of steel, high carbon steel, stainless steel and most steel alloys.
• Oxidation resistant/thermal stability - Keeps machine clean and extends the service life of MILPRO® LA816L metalworking oil.
• Excellent lubricity & Extreme Pressure properties - Achieves excellent results on difficult machining operations.
• Pleasant odor with a pale clear yellow appearance.
• Mild on skin - Additives and base oil selected for mildness on skin.
• Reduced fumes and low misting - The use of low viscosity and high flash point premium base oil makes MILPRO® LA816L low fuming and misting in service.
• Saving cost – Low viscosity reduces the cost by decreasing the usage of the product in processing which needs a lot of metalworking oil.
For Material Safety Data Sheet please email request to

For Material Safety Data Sheet please email request to

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